FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are answers for some important questions users might have regarding Advanced PC Cleanup.

Over time a lot of junk is created on the computer with temporary and unused files. The scan by Advanced PC Cleanup will show you all the junk, temporary and trash files. The disk space occupied by these files will help you understand how much space can be recovered by deleting all of them. It also removes unwanted registry entries which will help in stabilizing the system settings.

A number of personal information including your email address and password is saved on various websites. This poses a threat to you as the information is vulnerable to attacks and identity getting stolen. Advanced PC Cleanup will save you from all the threats by scanning for all the identity traces saved online. Upon the scan list, it shows which website has saved the personal data and you can remove it permanently.

Advanced PC Cleanup is efficient in the optimization of the Windows computer. With the various tools used to clean up the junk and unused files and programs from the computer, it works in boosting system speed. The Startup Manager shows you a list of programs that start when the computer boots. You can decide to stop them from running every time the computer by removing them from the list within the tool.

Yes, Advanced PC Cleanup is a beneficial tool for Windows if you wish to remove any apps and programs from the storage permanently. The Old downloads is a dedicated section for the unused apps which are sitting in your computer disk taking up too much space. When you click on it, the scan shows you the list of all the programs along with their file size which helps you decide what has to be removed from the computer.

Advanced PC Cleanup not only takes care of the useless clutter on your computer, but also safeguards it against malicious intrusions such as virus, trojans, spyware and adware etc. Moreover, the spyware definitions are also updated regularly to ensure that not even the newest threats can pose any harm to your data or PC.